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Help - Transferring your photos

1. Selecting a picture

Click on a picture then on "open"

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Mosaic display

2. Selecting a group of pictures : you have 2 options

2.1_ Selecting via the SHIFT method

Click on the first picture, then press the "shift" key and while still pressing on it, go to the last picture you want to select and click on it too. All the pictures in between are now selected. You should be able to see them surrounded in blue. Finally, click on "open".

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développement photo digitale
Mosaic display
développer photos

impression photo impression photos

2.2_ Selecting using the mouse

Point your mouse to the white area near the beginning of your selection of pictures and left click it. While keeping the left button clicked, cover with your mouse all the pictures you would like to transfer. They should get highlighted as you go along. When your whole selection is highlighted, click on "open".

List display
impression numérique
labo photo numériqueMosaic displays

3. Selecting a whole file :

Click on any picture of the file, then simultaneously click both the "ctrl" and "a" keys. All the pcitures inside the file should now be highlighted in blue. Click on "open".

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laboratoire photo
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