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Protection of your data

FOTOcom SA - Parc Scientifique Einstein, rue du Bosquet 19B, 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve, « FOTOcom » as editor of the site may use personal data.

If you are a client of the Printing Services or the Online Album Service, the data that you provide to FOTOcom (such as first and last names, addresses, pictures, etc.) will be used by it to answer your queries and execute the services for which you are providing these data. You agree to provide complete, exact and up to date information in order to ensure that services are correctly rendered. Other personal data and information necessary to the carrying out of these services (such as passwords in the case of the Online Album Service) are treated by FOTOcom exclusively to ensure the correct delivery of these services. In addition, FOTOcom uses the email addresses provided via the Online Album Service in order to forward to the holders of these addresses a URL leading to the pages of this album and give them access to the latter.

In general, all information that you may provide on the Site will be used solely in order to answer your queries.

FOTOcom preserves the necessary data provided by its clients in relation to the Printing Services for one year after your last order in order to spare you the task of providing these data each time you place an order. However, you can modify or update these data during the course of an order, if necessary.
FOTOcom preserves the necessary data provided by its clients in order to provide them with information on services and products in relation to the services and products provided. FOTOcom informs you of this intention at the time the information in question is collected and you may at all times refuse to receive such information by informing FOTOcom in writing at the email address e-mail.

You have the right to ask FOTOcom for a copy of your personal data in its possession.
If necessary, you may ask for corrections to this data by email via the section "Contact Us" or make the modifications yourself during the process of ordering digital pictures online.