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Re-use, Reduce, Re-cycle with

Reuse-Reduce-Recycle are activities which are becoming increasingly important in today's world

We all accept the need to improve the environment and we all share an equal responsibility to create a better world for the future. This is why we have decided to work extra hard on some of these activities and especially those which can have a favourable impact on the environment.
In our day to day business activities we have identified some key areas for consideration…


All our boxes are manufactured from 100% recyclable materials.

One of these is packaging where we have just recently developed a new range of boxes for storage and shipment of our products with environmental impact in mind…

Our new hard rigid shell box : These new hard rigid shell boxes are primarily intended to be REUSED. They are perfect for the storage of your products and they give all the protection you will ever need from dust and humidity. They are themselves made from recycled materials and we use the minimum of packaging in making up any photo order so there is no wasted energy in the transportation process.

Cardboard boxes : Our other products are delivered to you in cardboard boxes which are fully recyclable. Here you can help, by then recycling this packaging. These items of packaging are ideal for composting and so they then break down as part of the 'natural' regeneration of waste material.


Raw materials :
In the centre of our production process all our waste is treated and RECYCLED above and beyond EU directives. The raw materials used in our printing process are directly recycled.

Raw materials Recycled into :

Clean water

Raw material waste
Recycled and reused

General waste :
We rigorously sort all waste and trash in to the different categories where they are then recycled :
Plastic, Paper, Cardboard, Alimentary, Glass. Separate on site sorting bins make this process totally reliable and it is now an integrated element of our process control.

Energy Use

We are continuously increasing all our efforts to minimise the use of energy and to transform it into a renewable energy source.

Power use Efficiency :

Normal Datacenter
1.8, meaning that it needs
80% electricity

Green Datacenter (
1.3, meaning that it just needs
30% electricity

Heat recovery :
Our machines produce heat. This heavy source of energy is then re-cycled and re-used in order to heat our Laboratories in the winter production season.

Low consumption light :
We only use low energy light bulbs to light our offices and Laboratories.
Here at as we find ever more ways to help with the environment so we will apply them to our business.
At a decison making level the care for the environmental impact of each and every part of what we do is built in to our decison making process.